Student Work


Images show a complex understanding of camera control, composition and light to create mood and story. Images are examples of both film and digital processes.


The Street:

Timing, Timing, Timing. It is all about being prepared and ready to capture the moment at any time.



Get close and personal! Here students showcase how to engage with people capturing a moment. Telling their Story!


Feature Stories:

Here students show how to use the location and subject to create the story. Creating a mood around the environment of the subject.


Darkroom Manipulations:

Here students use film and darkroom techniques to create a variety of effects using fine art application in relationship to the physical print. All images are shot and built by the artist.


Digital Manipulations:

Students showcase a variety of digital applications and skills to create original digital composites, These are printed out on many different substrates for the different effect. All images are shot and built by the artist.